Bright Automatic Tyre Changer 885

Bright Automatic Tyre Changer LC10G in South Africa

The Bright 885 Automatic tyre changer is equipped with a pneumatic control rear tilting arm and column lock.

For your customers peace of mind this tyre changer has mag protectors for foot and claws.

The turn table is equipped with a protective cover.

It comes standard with a water trap and lubricator, stainless steal bead breaking cylinder, 80 mm Turn tables cylinders increases the clamp force and a inflation device is built into the turn table.

The design of the bead breaking blade rotates enabling best bead breaking force.

The 887 can be equipped with a optional helper arm for low profile and run flat tyres.

Technical Information

Max Wheel Diameter 1030 mm
Rim Width 3” - 15”
Inside Clamping 13” - 26”
Outside Clamping 10” - 24”
Rotation Speed 7 rpm
Power 0.75 kW -1.1 kW
Machine weight 260 Kg