Bright Wheel Balancer Smart Robot Series CB6X/66/6768

Bright Wheel Balancer CB6X in South Africa

Fully Automatic Wheel balancer with a technical patent on weight positioning marking.

Italian engineered software wheel balancer, Five alu modes with wheel optimization and weight split function.

The CB68 has a LED side lamp that makes weight positioning more vissible.

Comes with a standard USB mode that enables Upgrades to be easier.

It has a power saving mode, machine switches to stand by mode when not used for 5 minutes.

Technical Information

Max Wheel Diameter: 1100mm
Wheel Width: 1.5--20”
Internal Clamp: 8---28”
Rotation Speed: 140rpm
Working Pressure: 100---230V 1ph
Power: 90w
Duration of balancing: 7s
Accuracy: 1g
Load Capacity: 75KG