Bright Premium Jaguar Tyre Changer

Bright Premium Jaguar Tyre Changer 890S in South Africa

The Jaguar tyre changer is part of the Bright premium range of equipment that incorporate European technology with Bright quality.

Automatic tyre changer with rear tilting arm.

Pneumatic column lock.

Mag protectors for foot and claws.

Water trap and oiler.

Stainless steel bead breaking cylinder.

Turn table equipped with a protective cover.

80mm turn tables cylinder increase clamp force.

The design of the bead breaking blade rotates enabling best bead breaking force.

Optional: Helper arm for low profile tyres

Technical Information

Max wheel diameter 1100mm
Rim width 3” – 15”
Inside clamping 13” – 26”
Outside clamping 10” – 24”
Power 0.75 – 1.1 kw
Speed rotation 7rpm
Machine weight 295kg
Dimensions 1100 x 860 x 1020