Bright Motorcycle Tyre Changer M806

Bright Motorcycle Bike Tyre Changer M806 in South Africa

The M806 tyre changer is specially designed for two and four wheel motorcycle tyres.

This tyre changer has a special tool head designed specifically for easy mounting & dismounting of motorcycle tyres of all sizes while the shape of the bead breaker blade will easily break the bead of small, narrow and standard motorcycle tyres.

It has sliding clamping jaws that have tree positions to grip rims from 6” to 24”.

Optional: Helper arm for low profile tyres

Technical Information

Max Wheel Diameter 960mm
Rim Width 3” – 10”
Outside Clamping 6” – 24”
Rotation Speed 7 rpm
Power 0.75kW -1.1kW
Machine weight 175Kg