Bright LC890S Tyre Changer

Bright LC890S Tyre Changer

Model: LC890S
Product: Passenger semi auto swing arm tyre changer with helper arm
Data sheet: Download product specs pdf download product specs
*Designed & Engineered in Italy Assembled in PRC

This semi automatic tyre changer with swing arm and helper arm is a medium duty, air-electric tyre changer for car and light commercial wheels with 11” – 26” rim diameter and will assist with difficult tyres. This is a high-quality machine designed with garages and small tyre centres in mind. High quality mounting and de-mounting head equipped with protectors to safeguard wheels. Water trap & oil lubricator. Stainless steal bead breaking cylinder.

Bright wheel service equipment
Bright LC890S Tyre Changer


• Designed and engineered in Europe.
• Swing arm tyre changer for cars and light commercials.
• Handles rim sizes up to 26” diameter.
• Manual wing and mounting post lock.
• Self centring 4 jaw turntable with 80mm cylinders for secure wheel clamping.
• Powerful, responsive bead breaker with easily positioned blade.
• Control pedal assembly with step-move functionality.
• Built-in tyre inflator.
• Covered turntable plus jaw and tool head inserts for alloy rim protection.
• Demounting head is made of special material to ensure durability.
• The bead breaker has been upgraded and is now 30% stronger.
• Anti rust bead breaker increasing the life of the machine.
• Equipped with a helper arm


• 1 Year warranty
• Spares available
• Training available
• Operational videos available

Technical information

Outside clamping range: 11” – 24” inch
Inside clamping range: 13” – 26” inch
Rim width: 3” – 13” inch
Max wheel diameter: 1250 mm
Working pressure: 8 – 10 bar
Bead breaker force: 2500 kg
Power supply: 220V
Motor power: 0.75kW/1.1kW
Rotation per minute: 6.5/13rpm
Noise: <70 dB
Machine dimensions: 1350*1300*1960 mm
Packing dimensions: 1150*920*1050 mm
Net weight: 239 kg
Gross weight: 269 kg


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