Bright M806 Motor Cycle Tyre Changer

Bright M806 Motorcycle Tyre Changer

General Information

Model: M806
Product: Motorcycle Tyre Changer
Data sheet: Download product specs pdf download product specs
*Designed & Engineered in Italy Assembled in PRC


Specially designed tyre changer for two and four wheel motorcycle tyres with a special tool head design specifically for easy mounting & demounting.

• Designed and Engineered in Europe.
• Suitable for motorcycles with bigger brake pads
• The demounting head is made of a special material, standardly equipped with a small and normal motorcycle demounting heads in order to meet the requirements of scooter and normal motorcycle tyres.
• The control pedals have a stop-move function that can stop the chuck jaws at any position to easily tighten the rim.
• The drawer type pedal assembly is easy to disassemble when it needs to be serviced or repaired.
• The bead breaker system is delicately designed to make operation more reliable.
• The rubber pad is thicker to ensure it is feasible to demount motorcycle tyres with brake pads.
• Specially designed sideways rotating mounting arm, allowing the machine to be placed in small spaces.
• The claws can be adjusted in 3 positions without the use of accessories.

Bright wheel service equipment
Bright M806 Motor Cycle Tyre Changer


• 1 Year warranty
• Spares available
• Ideal for start up business
• Training available
• Operational videos available

Technical information

Outside clamping: 6” – 24” inch
Max wheel diameter: 960 mm
Tyre width: 3” – 12” inch
Turntable configuration: 18” round shape
Turntable ram cylinder diameter: 70 mm
Working air pressure: 8 – 10 bar
Bead breaker force: 2500 kg
Power supply voltage: 230v | 1Ph – 50Hz
Power: 1.1kW
Noise: <70 dB
Machine dimensions: (L*W*H) 1200*1100*1950 mm
Packing dimensions: (L*W*H) 980*760*950 mm
Nett weight: 185 kg
Gross weight: 215 kg