Bright TR23 Truck Tyre Changer

Bright TR23 Truck Tyre Changer

Model: TR23
Product: Truck Tyre Changer
Data sheet: Download product specs pdf download product specs
*Colours and designs may differ
*Designed & Engineered in Italy Assembled in PRC


Ideally designed for 22.5 truck & bus tyres. The three-way hydraulic system adopts to make operation smooth & steady to save you time and effort. No damage to tyres & rims while operating.


• Seamless welding technology for main components, sturdy and durable
• Easy to clear for maintenance
• Three-point stepped design for clamping patterns. Convenient for mounting/demounting of rims of various structures.
• Double handle design for easy operation.
• Angle of tool head can be adjusted according to different tyres.
• Double press roller design, easy to mount/demount tyres. Increase working efficiency. Split press roller design to reduce resistance.


• 1 Year warranty
• Spares available
• Training available
• Operational videos available

Technical information:

Max width in operation: 1560mm
Max height in operation: 2160mm
Rim diameter: 8.5Ø – 9Ø\11Ø – 11.5Ø
Max tyre diameter: 1300mm
Max tyre width: 400mm
Rotation speed: 7rpm
Noise: <79dB
Machine dimension: 1300*1300*1700mm

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Bright TR23 Truck Tyre Changer