Bright XTC428 Manual Tyre Changer

Bright XTC428 Manual Tyre Changer

The XTC428 manual tyre changer does not need any pneumatic or electricity supply to operate. This is perfect for the mobile, farm or rural fitment centre’s.

It looks like a semi automatic tyre changer and the four claws is controlled by a wrench that can clamp wheels with inside or outside clamping techniques.

A tyres bead is broken by means of downward force on the bead breaking attachment. The turn table use a 90 degree movement to remove the tyre from the rim.

No Electricicity and Air needed

Model: XTC428
Product: Manual Tyre Changer
Data sheet: Download product specs
*Colours and designs may differ
*Designed & Engineered in Italy Assembled in PRC

Bright wheel service equipment
Bright XTC428 Tyre Changer

Features and Benefits

Features: Benefits:
Manual tyre changer No air or electricity required to operate.
For tyres 10-19” (outside clamping) and 12-22” (inside clamping) Durable and easy to operate.
Longer hand lever Easy to press the tyre so it can be separated the bead from the rim with ease.
Equipped with 4pcs of bead pressing blocks This helps the clamps to enter the tyre easily.
Turntable is rotated by longer hand lever Makes the mounting & demounting operation much easier.
Rim is firmly locked by an auger lever To assist with the operation.
Mounting head is made of a special material To avoid distortion and rupture
Plastic inserts To protect the rim and tyre from damage.
Equipped with bead pressing roller and bead pressing device Saving labor when mounting the tyre to the rim.
Machine can be fixed on the ground by setscrews Machine can be set/fastened in place.
Training available Technicians can be professionally trained to use the tyre changer and get the maximum benefit from it.
1 year warranty The machine will be repaired if there are any factory faults and can be replaced if required.
Spares available Should you have a breakdown you will not have to wait for your machine to be repaired. If there is anything we don’t have, we fly it in directly from the Suppliers.
Operational videos Technicians can learn how to operate the machine by watching a video, which is easier and more simple than written instructions.

Technical information

Max wheel width: 300mm
Outside clamping: 10” – 27”
Max width: 1220mm
Net weight: 123kg
Max wheel diameter: 920mm
Inside clamping: 12” -29”
Max depth: 940mm
Max height: 1960mm

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