Bright CB46 Truck Wheel Balancer

Bright CB46 Wheel Balancer

Model: CB46
Product: Truck Wheel Balancer
Data sheet: Download product specs pdf download product specs
*Colours and designs may differ
*Designed & Engineered in Italy Assembled in PRC


The CB46 is based on long-established electronic parts. The machine is primarily designed for automatic balancing of large freight wheels, but by its design and equipment it also serves to balance the wheels of passenger cars because in CAR and VAN settings it works as a 2D personal balancer. The machine automatically stops in the non-weft position
and the center of gravity is marked by the laser. Pleasant work contributes to the pneumatic wheel lift with foot control. The CB46 fully meets the requirement to balance both large and wide wheels as it has a shaft length of 410 mm.

• Stopping in position with stepper motor
• Laser pointer center of weights
• Electronic internal dipstick (2D)
• Clear LCD display
• LED lighting space application of weights
• Intelligent self-calibration
• Automatic diagnostics and protection functions
• Silent operation, low speed 120/80 rpm
• 2 ALU modes.

Two balancing modes:
1) passenger car tires (high precision balance ± 1 g)
2) Truck tires and other heavy and dimensional tires (accuracy ± 10 g)

• 1 Year warranty
• Spares available
• Training available
• Operational videos available

Bright CB46 Wheel Balancer

Technical Information

Rim diameter: 1” – 28” inch
Max wheel weight: 200 kg
Max wheel diameter: 1200 mm
Rim width: 2” – 20” inch
Precision: ±1 g (car) ±10 g (truck)
Motor power: 0.37 kW
Power supply: 100/230V 1 ph
Rotation per minute: 80 rpm / 200 rpm
Balancing time: 9s (car) 20s (truck)
Second time mounting test: <5 g
Machine dimensions: 1600*1100*1480 mm
Packing dimensions: 1700*1100*1240 mm
Net weight: 318 kg
Gross weight: 335 kg


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