Bright XTB1200 Hand Spun Wheel Balancer

Bright XTB1200 Hand Spun Truck Wheel Balancer

Model: XTB1200
Product: Hand spun truck wheel balancer
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*Colours and designs may differ
*Designed & Engineered in Italy Assembled in PRC


The XTB1200 balancer allows customers to accurately balance truck and passenger wheel from 12-26” in diameter. Hand spun with a electronic display.

Bright wheel service equipmentBright XTB1200 Hand Spun Wheel Balancer

• Static,AL1, AL2, AL3 balancing modes
• High-precision machinery spindle and imported bearing ensure the measuring precision.
• Changeable between gram and ounce ; millimeter and inch.
• Self diagnosis and self calibration.
• Smaller cabinet saves more space convenient for transportation.


• 1 Year warranty
• Spares available
• Training available
• Operational videos available

Technical Information
Rim width for car: 1.5” 20”
Rim width for truck: 3” – 20”
Rim diameter for car: 10” – 26”
Rim diameter for truck: 12” – 26”
Max tyre dia for car: 1000mm
Max tyre dia for truck: 1200mm
Balancing precision for car: ±1g
Balancing precision for truck: ±10g